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Using data to make investments leads to a more diverse portfolio of companies and people.

Using data to make investments leads to a more diverse portfolio of companies and people.

By using data (and not intuition) to make ALL investment decisions we have the most diverse portfolio of companies and founders.

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“Just so you know, Connetic has been the easiest investors we have ever dealt with. Thank you for having a streamlined process. It makes a world of difference from the entrepreneur’s perspective.”

– Maggie Galloway, InScope Medial

“I have to say that I have been incredibly impressed with the ease, speed and professionalism of your approach and will definitely be recommending you to other early stage founders.”

– Richard Stokes, Stealth-Mode Startup

“Your model and process are very interesting. I appreciate your line of questions and how critically you’re thinking about Collaborata.”

– Jimmy Zollo, Collaborata

“I found the application process [to be] the best VC process I’ve ever seen.”

Andrew Rowland, ClassKick