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Removing bias to create funding equality.

Available to anyone with internet access, our technology shatters bias and engenders transparency, connecting women and minority founders to a funding rate 8x higher than the national venture average.

How It Works

1. Data Collection

Companies complete our free, online application that takes a couple of minutes. After completing, Wendal will inform companies of our interest.

2. Document Collection

For the ~8% of companies that Wendal selects, we will request specific documentation required for in-depth due diligence.

3. Data Analysis

Our due diligence and analysis are proprietary. We use machine learning, as well as human review of key documents and financials.

4. Investment Decision

Within 10 business days you will get a final decision. Regardless of our decision, we will use our network to provide support and help.

The right team to disrupt VC

We’re not your typical venture team. We are a team of data scientists and recovering investment bankers looking to disrupt the $131B Venture Capital industry. Did we mention our latest team member is a robot?

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