About Us

At Connetic, we aim to be as smart as the companies we invest in.

Unfair Advantage.


Our unfair advantage is using data, not intuition, to make all investment decisions. Just like the 2003 Oakland A’s, who pioneered the moneyball concept, we are adding a layer of data to an industry that has relied on gut and intuition for more than a century. Yes, gut and intuition is what the majority of funds use to invest $72 Billion.



Guiding Principles.


Our 3 guiding principles are Deal Flow, Data, and Diversification. By leveraging our in-house data center we are creating the best, most diverse portfolio of companies that are located in 38 of the 50 states. Why 38? Because the data says we shouldn’t invest in 12 states.



Unbiased Investing.


Another benefit of data? It removes all bias from the investment process. At Connetic 42% of our companies were founded by Women or Minority founders, the national average is 6%.  We clearly have a long way to go towards equality but we hope Connetic can be a driving force in bringing change to the industry.



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