The Team

Brad Zapp

Managing Partner

Brad Zapp is a CFP and the managing partner of Connetic Ventures. Brad has had the Entrepreneurial bug from an early age and has always sought to build companies by exploiting unmet needs and market inefficiencies. Brad was trained at Fidelity Investments as a trader and in 2004 co-founded his first company, a Federally registered RIA. Brad exited in 2014 after growing the business to 17 employees and $500M under management. The company still exists and continues to grow. He has since had 3 other exits in his career.  His passion for Angel investing began with a small investment in Choremonster which turned his home into a joyful place. After this experience exposed him to the world of early stage investing, Brad crunched the numbers and ended up co-founding Connetic with the assumption that there was a market inefficiency in current landscape of Midwest Early Stage Investing.

Brad leverages any and all technologies to make his life and job easier, his is the poster child for the work smarter, not harder philosophy. When not working, Brad cheers for anything University of Kentucky, tries to get his golf handicap back down to what is was in his glory days, and takes every opportunity to spend time with his family.


Experience: Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Leadership

Sectors: Finance, Blockchain, Tech

Descriptor: Innovator

Kyle Schlotman

Partner and CIO

Kyle Schlotman was an original investor with Connetic but came on as a Founding Partner when he realized he wanted to shift his career back to Finance from Data Analytics. After graduating from IU Kyle spent a few years doing Mergers and Acquisitions on Wall St for J.P. Morgan and Sagent Advisors. After Wall St. he joined dunnhumby in their CPG consulting business and spent six years in data consulting and helping to launch multiple analytics tools. Outside of work, Kyle now has plenty of time for pitch days, bowling leagues, golf and the ability to watch all Chelsea Football Club games!


Experience: Wall Street, Valuation Expert, Fundamental Research, Data Analytics

Sectors: Healthcare, Biotech, Data

Descriptor: Connector

Chris Hjelm


Chris Hjelm is the Chicago Office Lead and Head of Data. Chris ran his short-focused prop trading firm out of the Connetic Office for 3 years until his wife decided he should lower his blood pressure by investing in start-ups instead. Luckily for those 3 years he attended nearly all pitch days, became a term sheet master, and made a few angel investments on the side. Prior to trading Chris worked in various data analytics roles creating and selling custom analytic solutions. In his latest data role, Chris stood up a data practice for an e-commerce specific consulting company. In his spare time Chris likes to shoot course records in Golden Tee and visit cities people have never heard of.


Experience: Trader, Predictive Analytics, e-Commerce, Consulting

Sectors: Big Data, IoT, AI

Descriptor: Realist

Kim Banham

Chief Engagement Officer

Kim Banham is the community engagement officer at Connetic. Her background in organizational communications allows her to build relationships with investors as well as the startup companies. She enjoys traveling, but after living abroad in Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, and Hungary for the past 8 years she is happy to call Northern Kentucky home. When she is not working you can find Kim and her husband Frank watching their 2 boys playing sports. She looks forward to becoming more involved in the Venture startup world with Connetic.


Experience: Sales, Hospitality, Professional Sports

Sectors: Al Bev, Airlines, Sports

Descriptor: Relator

Katherine Zapp

Office Manager

Katherine is the glue that holds Connetic together. She makes sure Brad is where he needs to be and that we are always one month ahead of K1s and taxes. Katherine is passionate about giving back, prior to Connetic she helped transformed people’s lives as a Job Placement Coach at New Perceptions. When not working Katherine loves spending time with family, her 2 cats, and being creative in the kitchen.


Experience: Retail Execution, Job Placement

Sectors: Banking, Education

Descriptor: The Glue



As any startup, we too have many stakeholders that, without, we would not be where we are today. Much of what you see is the result of the hard work put in by these individuals, in many different capacities, owners, employees, interns, advisors, investment committee members. We appreciate their time and want to recognize their hard work.

  • Andy Sathe – member / startup metrics
  • Eric Strange – member / finance
  • Jay Becker – member / branding
  • George Hagan – Investment Committee
  • Joe Klunk – Investment Committee
  • Scott Bray – Investment Committee
  • Shawn Murdock – Investment Committee
  • Scott Mlynek – Company Liason
  • Daniela Yoder – fixes Brad’s mistakes
  • Rodney D’Souza – NKU CIE relationship
  • David Rodarte – board member extraordinnaire
  • Casey Barach – NKY Entrepreneurship kingpin
  • David Willbrand – Legal/Strategy/Sanity

There are many others, but I think we can all agree that this list has went above and beyond.