Our Tech
We don't think founders should have all the fun. Just like most startup founders, we had pain points running our business and decided to build software to solve these problems. Everything we build is aimed around removing bias, making smarter investments, and creating much needed efficiency in the Venture Capital process.
Wendal™ is an automated, machine learning due diligence platform that removes bias and allows investors to make smarter decisions.
StartupDNA is the world's first behavioral assessment built to analyze role fit and create high performing teams.
Why We Created Wendal™
  • Current VC process introduces bias and is discriminatory
  • Data-driven decision making is better than relying on gut
  • Fundraising is hard and takes too long
Automated Diligence
Like a team of PHD analysts, except Wendal™ doesn't need sleep, gets smarter, and costs a fraction of an employee.
Self Learning
Wendal™ automatically reweights its algorithms, getting smarter over time.
Wendal™ does not see color or gender, its output removes all inherent bias from the equation.
Why We Created StartupDNA
  • We believe (as nearly all VCs) that teams trump all else
  • Current assessments are consultative instead of predictive
  • Our portfolio companies needed help building high-performing teams
Role / Team Evaluation
With millions of data points on people and outcomes, we know the likelihood of a certain person or team to perform well or not.
Talent Identification
With the world's largest behavioral startup database, we can help companies hire the right talent.
Team Building
Whether you are looking for your next hire or to build an entire team, we know how to build the highest performing team.